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What is a Mobile Phone?
A mobile phone is a portable telephone that has access to a cellular radio system. This enables the phone to take calls, send texts, and access the internet (and more!) without it being physically attached to a network using cables.
a mobile phone is extremely different from old land line phones. Ever since they were first introduced in 1973 by Motorola, mobile phones have occasioned a powerful amount of debate.
Below, we sum up the current status quo of this debate by listing advantages of mobile phones. 

MOBILE SHOP IN PATHANKOT  shown the Advantage of Mobile Phone which is given below:

Easy Communication
Most people have at the very least a simple, otherwise practical, smart phone. These gadgets are practical to carry around and also you can handle them on the go as long as there is network protection anywhere you are. Several moms and dads allow their kids to have mobile phone because they feel protected  in the expertise that they could reach their kids any place they are and at any type of time. Mobile phones have exactly made it simpler to connect.

Always Connected

With the increase made year in, year out, mobile phones are coming expected  more like computer systems with the put interest of mobility. One could access  and also send out emails, wave internet sites, download online games and videos, book trip tickets, money transfer to financial institutions or even communication with good friends. With a smartphone, you are linked to the internet throughout. You can look for places as well as directions for locations that you are not knowledgeable about, you can look into exactly what your pals depend on social networks as well as you can even access your job COMPUTER remotely.

Multiple Uses

Mobile phones are practical devices that can be handle for a selection of jobs.with mobile phone you can hear songs,play videos, enjoy flicks, play video games, browse, store notes, make video phone calls,make phone calls as well as established an alarm for your getting up.Mobile phones nowadays act as individual assistant.

They are convenient.
It’s great being able to call a friend when you are out and about – without being tied to a land line.

They can be life savers.
Taking a mobile phone with you when you go hiking is a basic safety precaution. If you lose your way or get stuck in bad weather, your mobile phone could just save your life.

Staying connected
There is no need to feel lonely when you have a mobile phone in your pocket: just connect with friends via text, Face-time, voice calls or social media.

Fun and games
These days, mobile phones are loaded with all kinds of fun games. We all remind Nokia Snake, but more newly people have got way more into challenging their brains with Sudoku or whiling away the time during a long commute with a game of Candy Crush Saga.

Your mobile keeps you informed.
Whether you are searching for that Spanish word you read in the newspaper or reading some articles on a topic close to your heart, mobiles that are connected to the internet are a treasure trove of information.

Getting snap happy
Sophisticated cameras mean that you can take professional quality photos on your humble cell phone.

Knowing where you are
GPS technology enables you to pinpoint yourself on a map no matter how lost you are. Just fire up your phone to see your position and create a route to your destination.

A handy torch
Turn on the flashlight function on your mobile to find your keys in your purse as you step off the bus, or to locate the candles when there’s a blackout in your house.

A recording device
Record the dawn ensemble or your friends singing you happy birthday – all on your mobile phone.

A fashion statement
Owning the latest cell phone technology, and decorating it with cute phone covers, is a great way to mark yourself out as a style icon

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Mobile Evolution

Evolution of Mobile phones in India: From “brick” model to “lightweight”
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Even Though the Cellular (Mobile)  Phones were introduced in 1983, It was only on July 1995, the mobile network was introduced In India. The first commercial cell phone and service launch was in July 1995 — so we were quite a few years behind at the time. It was a partnership between the Modi Group and Australian telecom operator Telstra that brought the first cellular network to India.

At that time, the cost of a phone call was Rs.60/per minute. Only the rich people had cellular phones. But the plot twisted in 1998. The tariff went down to Rs.12 to 18 which was considered low at that time. Additional charge of Rs. 12 was made if you “receive” a call. The first Indian ringtone was Saare Jahaan Se Acha. The mobile giant,  Nokia introduced its 5110 model phone and it became very popular all over India. It had 6 colours with interchangeable back and front panels. This phone had a battery attached with the back pane

The upgraded version of this phone was released on 2001 and it had a internal antenna and it was small and compact compared to the older version. Soon the rate of cell phones and network tariffs went down and it became a major blow for Pagers. Eventually Motorola, stopped manufacturing Pagers in 2003 and started releasing phones in India. In the same year, Nokia 3310 was released and the antenna was placed inside the phone. This was light in weight compared to Nokia 5110.
After that Nokia was placed first in India’s most trusted mobile brand continuously for 12 years.

29 Years of Nokia

Nokia too has completed 29 years in India and here is a quick snapshot of their achievements.

  • 1995 – First mobile phone call made in India on a Nokia
  • phone on a Nokia network
  • 1998 – Saare Jahaan Se Achha, first Indian ringtone in
  • a Nokia 5110
  • 2000 – First phone with Hindi menu (Nokia 3210)
  • 2002 – First Camera phone (Nokia 7650)
  • 2003 – Nokia 1100,First Made for India phone
  • 2004 – Hindi SMS on a wide range
  • of Nokia phones,Saral Mobile Sandesh
  • 2004 – First Wi-fi Phone- Nokia Communicator (N9500)
  • 2005 – Local UI in additional local language
  • 2006 – Nokia manufacturing plant in Chennai
  • 2007 – First vernacular news portal
  • 2012 -First microsoft mobile launched
  • 2017- First android mobile launched

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Samsung, how far you have come. The Korean electronics huge has been quietly plugging away at smartphones for a decagon, dabbling with sense and Windows Phone, and its own Java-based quasi-smartphone OS before finding its feet with its first round of Galaxy S phones.
29 years of Samsung mobile
  • 1988- SH100
  • 2000-SCH-A2000
  • 2002-SCH-X430
  • 2002-SCH W850
  • 2010-    Galaxy S
  • 2011-Galaxy Note
  • 2013-Galaxy Note 3
  • 2013-Galaxy S5
  • 2013-Galaxy Alpha
  • 2014-Galaxy Note 4
  • 2015-Galaxy A3 & A5
  • 2017-Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

all mobile phones brand

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5 Cool Accessories to Go With Your Smartphone

Got a new  mobile phone and want to get something great, to go with it? Or maybe you're looking to something special gift to a mobile-crazy friend or family member, and don't have the budget for a new smartphone?
No problem! There is no insufficiency of accessories for smartphones. We found some cool accessories that are actually useful, and not just a toy that you reject in a few days. If you don't think you need these, you could always gift them to someone special or friends or who does. Here are 5 great accessories for smartphones.

VR Headset
Zoom lens
Solar charger
Other lenses for photography
A speaker that charges your smartphone

Virtual Reality is still in the growing stage but with VR headsets available under Rs. 1,000, you could always get one to find out what the fuss is all about. Coolpad's VR headset is affordable and offers a good entry point into the world of VR.

2.Zoom lens
Optical zoom is the one feature we all wish smartphone cameras could master.Optical zoom offers 8X zoom for your smartphone's camera at affordable price. The results aren't exactly perfect, but if you were looking for a cool lomo effect then this works really well.

3.Solar charger


Most people in India have no dearth of sunlight. Converting your  whole house to solar power may be a little hard, but you could always start by charging your smartphone outside the power of the Sun. You won't have to remember to charge a backup battery if you keep this handy.

4.Other lenses for photography


We specified a zoom lens earlier but if that's not your only need, you could get a set of three clip-on lenses for your smartphone. This product ships with a macro lens, a fisheye lens, and a wide-angle lens. It's a really cool way to completely change the kind of shots you get from your phone.

5. A speaker that charges your    


Speakers for listening some fabulous music is fine but a speaker that can charge your smartphone is something that would make your ears perk up.

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker has a 4000mAh battery to charge your smartphone.
the speaker supports Bluetooth 4.0, NFC pairing, and line-in input through a 3.5mm port, the report added.

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Top 5 SmartPhone:

1.Samsung Galaxy S8 /  Samsung Galaxy S8+.
2.Google Pixel XL
3.OnePlus 5
4.LG G6
5.Sony Xperia XZ

Samsung Galaxy S8 /  Samsung Galaxy S8+


                            The Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ has a fabulous design and is without a doubt the most attractive smartphone in the market today. It runs on a fast and up to date Exynos 8895 SoC, built on the 10nm process. Samsung has touched up on the camera as well, but it’s largely the same as last time. That, though means that the camera is still amongst the best in the market. Just not better than the Google Pixel (which is also why it’s behind that phone). The Galaxy S8 / S8+ is the best Android smartphone for those looking for looks above all else.              

Samsung Galaxy S8-specification

Ram & Storage:
 4 GB | 64 GB
 5.8 (1440 x 2960)
Primary camera:
 12 MP
Front camera:
 8 MP
 3000 mAH

Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Specification

Ram & Storage :
 4 & 6 GB | 64 & 128 GB
Display :
 6.2 (1440 x 2960)
Primary camera :
 12 MP
Front camera :
 8 MP
Battery :
 3500 mAH

Google Pixel XL

After dealing with various phone makers over the years, Google has finally originate a smartphone which is made by own company.

Pixel XL is the first Android smartphone entirely designed and originated by Google. Pixel XL sports the larger and the attractive screen but also a more powerful battery to back up the phone performance. It also features the larger inner storage capacity. But other than that it’s identical to Google XL
Pixel XL  is the selected  class smartphone with an aluminum body with a glass panel on the top half of the rear casing to house the camera and fingerprint sensor
Google Pixel XL is available either from Google or from local mobile providers as a part of the deal.

Google Pixel XL - specification

Ram & Storage:
 4 GB | 32 & 128 GB
 5.5 (2560 x 1440)
Primary Camera:
 12 MP
Front Camera:
 8 MP
 3450 mAH

OnePlus 5


                  All things considered, the OnePlus 5 is a good smartphone, and it’s even better as an Android mobile. In fact, it’s the fastest Android smartphone. For Android lovers, this is a good phone to consider. It has a excellent features but not perfect camera, but it will do the job very well. Along this, it's have decent battery life, OnePlus 5 makes for a great smartphone.

OnePlus 5 - Specifications

Ram & Storage:
   6 & 8 GB | 64 & 128 GB
    5.5 (1080 x 2080)
Primary Camera:
    20 & 16 MP
Front Camera:
    16 MP
    3300 mAH


                               The LG G6 is a functional and sufficient flagship. This phone have 4GB Ram and runs on Snapdragon 821 . LG has focuses on design, aspect ratio in making the smartphone compact and easy to use. The Snapdragon 821 is still a fast processor and it’s have good camera . It’s not just the best flagship you can buy, but it’s surely  one of the best smartphones on the market today.
LG G6 - Specifications

Ram & Storage:
 4 GB | 32 & 64 GB
 5.7 (1440 x 2880)
Primary Camera:
 13 & 13 MP
Front Camera:
 5 MP
 3300 mAH

Sony Xperia XZ

Sony Xperia XZ is one of the best Smartphone now a days . Xperia XZ having 4K display along with 960fps slow motion video recording which everyone want to take a buying decision. The Sony Xperia XZ is attractive look smartphone, and it’s a phone you can consider.
Sony Xperia XZ  - Specifications
Ram & Storage:
 4 GB | 64 GB
 5.5 (2160 x 3840)
Primary Camera:
 19 MP
Front Camera:
 13 MP
 3230 mAH

These are the  Top  5 SmartPhone which everyone want to buy.
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